Electric vs. Gas Defrost – An Energy Comparison - 2019

Technicians Guide and Workbook for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment (ACCA) – 2018

Installation/Operations Manual - Parallel Rack Refrigeration Systems

Technical Bulletin – Swimming Pools and Spas – Dealing with Surface Air Contamination - 2017

Technical Bulletin – Anti Sweat Heaters – Application and Control - 2017 

Technical Bulletin – Commercial System Line Sizing - 2018


Electric vs. Gas Defrost – An Energy Comparison
The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Annual Meeting 2020

Oil Management Systems for Commercial Refrigeration Systems
ASHRAE Summer Meeting 2016 St. Louis, MO

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Thermodynamics but Were Afraid You Would Not Understand or Care Parts 1 and 2.
Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association April  2015 and April 2017

Energy Modeling and MTV: A Love Story
Greenbuild 2014 New Orleans, LA October 2014

Energy Comparison on Five Hy-Vee Supermarkets
FMI Energy 2014

A System Manufacturers Perspective on Retrofits with R-22  
ASHRAE Summer Meeting June 2005

Effects of the Montreal Protocol on the AC & R Service Industry  
ASHRAE Summer Meeting 1993

Molecular Sieve and other Desiccants in Stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  
Parker Hannifin Sales Meeting 1996

Effects of Production Facility Environments on Moisture Adsorption in Molecular Sieve Dryers  Seminar 44 ASHRAE Winter Conference 1997

ISO and the American Manufacturer – What Role Do You Play?  
ASHRAE Summer Meeting June 1998

Refrigerants, Controlling Leak Rates and Section 608 Regulations of the EPA  
ASHRAE Winter Meeting June 2004


Voting Member ASHRAE Multi-disciplinary Task Group – Low GWP Refrigerants

Chair - ASHRAE Refrigerant Management Plan

Secretary – Voting Member of ASHRAE 15 Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems

Chair – ASHRAE 147 – Reducing Leaks in Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Refrigeration Systems

ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award - 2018

SAVE International – Certified Value Engineer