Commercial Refrigeration – Design and Applications

Single to multiple compressor systems for applications on small convenience stores to large processing plants including line sizing.  Looking at energy efficiency, environmental impact, physical size and capital investment.

Commercial Refrigeration System Retrofits

Complete guidance on requirements and specifications for retrofits of all refrigerants following a local and Federal regulations.

Flammable Refrigerants (A2L and A3)

Application of flammable and near flammable refrigerant systems, effective training for service and maintenance personnel.  Complete system design and support.

Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia Refrigerants

Application and Design assistance on CO2 (Trans-critical, Sub-critical, and Secondary).

Energy Audits (Existing and New Equipment)

Comparisons of Existing Systems to New Systems as well as component changes.

System Commissioning and Decommissioning

Provide consultation and review of Commissioning and Decommissioning of new systems and remodels.

Education Development – (Rookies to Journeymen) Service and Design

Provide complete training classroom, on-line and hands-on for service and maintenance personnel on all HVAC &R system types and functions.

Standards (American (ANSI) and International (ISO) Development Interpretation and Training)

As a long time member of ASHRAE and ISO and serving on ASHRAE 15 and 147, ISO TC86 and ISO TC205.  We provide standards interpretation on all HVAC&R standards.

Manufacturing Assistance

Copper Fabrication (Forming, Bending, Spinning, Cutting, Assembly)
Vacuum and Refrigerant Charging
Brazing (torch, machine, atmosphere)
Automated Assembly

Six Sigma – Black Belt

Complete training for Yellow, Green, and Black Belt
On-site or Off-site training

Manual Development

I/O Manuals
Installation Manuals
Design Guides
Commissioning/Decommissioning Checksheets/Procedures